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Citrus Leaves Looking Bad: Asian Citrus Leaf Miner

There are many reasons to love gardening along the Texas Gulf Coast, one being the ability to successfully grow a variety of citrus trees in our landscape. Urban gardeners to small-scale orchard operators in Galveston County have natural resources of temperate weather and access to full sun to entice sun-colored fragrant fruit from their trees. Citrus is a general term for fruit that includes the familiar lemon, key and persian lime, the unusual thick-skinned citron, the delectable sweet orange, easy to peel tangerine, huge pomelo, grape-sized kumquat and… Read More →

Garden Preparation Before the Freeze

The first bite of the 2022 Winter (December 22, 2022) is nigh on the horizon as I write, and temps are predicted to drop to low 20-F overnight for two nights running. Fortunately, daytime temps at our Extension office in La Marque, TX are predicted to raise just above freezing and in the 40s-F right before Christmas Day. December’s cold weather is always welcome like an old friend that briefly visits for a few months, reminding that we have thick layers of fabric in reserve to ward off… Read More →