Water Quality Testing

Various laboratories in Texas conduct water quality testing.  The laboratory you use depends on whether you are testing your water to determine if it is safe for human consumption or if you are testing water that will be used for other purposes (irrigation on your property, a pond with fish in it, swimming, etc.)


Standards for Drinking Water

The Galveston County Public Health Laboratory conducts bacteriological testing on several types of water sources, including drinking water (private well) and swimming pool water.

For more information on this and other tests please visit the Galveston County Health District – Environmental Health Services.

Standards for Non-Drinking Water (irrigation, aquaculture, recreation & more)

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Laboratory conducts various water tests, including testing for salinity [salts such as sodium (Na)] of irrigation water.

Download the Water Quality Sample Information Form for a complete list of tests available.  Instructions for submitting water samples directly to the laboratory are also on the form.

Information on analysis procedures and how to interpret results can be found at the Texas Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory

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