Soils & Testing

Web Soil Survey

Know your soils with the USDA Web Soil Survey, an online mapping tool that provides basic information about soils on your property.


Soil Testing

Properly conducted soil sampling and testing can be a cost-effective way to determine the types and amounts of fertilizer and lime needed to improve plant growth and yield.

There are four steps in a soil test:

  1. obtain proper soil submittal form with sampling instructions,
  2. obtain soil sample collection bag (OR use plastic zip lock bags),
  3. collect composite samples,
  4. select proper test, complete submittal form, and mail form along with payment and sample to the Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Laboratory in College Station

Submittal forms can be downloaded from Forms and soil collection bags may also be obtained from your local AgriLife Extension Office. Instructions on how to collect and ship the sample, along with costs of testing and the mailing address are found on second page of the submittal form.

-Homeowner’s should use form D-494B for home gardens, landscape, and soil.
-Agricultural producers should submit form D-494.

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