Soils & Testing

Soil Testing

Properly conducted soil sampling and testing can be a cost-effective way to determine the types and amounts of fertilizer and/or other amendments needed to improve plant growth and yield.

Soil testing is done through the Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory in College Station and involves four steps:

  1. Obtain soil sample form by clicking link below or visiting the Extension Office
  2. Collect a composite sample by following instructions on the form (samples may be placed in a quart-sized plastic bag or in sample bags from the Extension Office)
  3. Send completed form, payment, and sample(s) to the lab per instructions on the form
  4. Once you have results, use the fertilizer calculators on the Soil laboratory website to help you choose the right fertilizer products, or contact the Extension Office to get help interpreting your soil analysis report.


Web Soil Survey

Know your soils with the USDA Web Soil Survey, an online mapping tool that provides basic information about soils on your property.

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