Texas Livestock & Horse Brand Registration

All livestock brand registrations, regardless of when they were registered, in Texas expired on August 31, 2021. The renewal period for re-registration is currently open and remains open through February 28, 2022. After that date, any brands that were not re-registered become available for use by someone else. This applies to all brands, marks, or tattoos used to indicate ownership (not individual animal identification).

Brands must be re-registered with the county clerk’s office in every county where the livestock resides. For example, if a person has cattle in both Galveston and Brazoria County, they will need to re-register their brands with both county clerk’s offices.  The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has an excellent website with information on brand registration, design, and use http://www.tscrabrands.com/

Brands are the single most effective way to prove ownership in case of theft, or, in case of a natural disaster where animals might be lost or commingled. For more information on branding or identifying your livestock or horses, contact Phoenix Rogers, CEA-AGNR Galveston County.

To re-register your brand in Galveston County, complete the Texas Brand and Mark Application and take to Galveston County Clerks office where you will sign the form and submit filing fee of $26. Do NOT SIGN THE FORM until you are at the clerk’s office.



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