2019 4-H Food Challenge Rules & Guidelines

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There have been a number of changes for 2019 Food Challenge Rules. Please see below and be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines carefully!

Team Members:

To provide consistency with other Texas 4-H contests, as well as national contests, the number of team members for Food Challenge has changed.  Teams will have at least 3 and no more than 4 members per team.

Contest Resources:

Contests resources have changed!  Resources which will now be used for the contest include the following:

  • MyPlate Mini-Poster
  • Fight Bac Brochure
  • Know Your Nutrients
  • Food Challenge Worksheet

The previous resource of Altering Recipes for Good Health is now considered a training resource for agents and coaches to use when preparing teams for contest.  Nutrient Needs at a Glance has been replaced with a more user friendly resource:  Know Your Nutrients.

Supply Box Changes:

Quantities and sizes of a few items have changed.  Please refer to the list for these changes.  Also, a new “Gadget of the Year” has been added!  This will change annually to give teams an opportunity to learn how to use various kitchen gadgets.


Presentation Changes:

ALL team members must now participate and have a speaking role during the presentation to the judges.

Scorecard Changes:

Scorecards have been updated to reflect subject matter to be included in presentations AND a new numerical scoring system.  Although space is limited on the front of the scorecard for judge’s comments, agents should encourage judges to use back of sheet for commenting.


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Due to the tragic event at Santa Fe High School, our last 4-H Science night was canceled. Unfortunately, 4-H Science Night will not be rescheduled. However, for those who attended 4-H Science Night Part I and RSVP’d for Science Night Part II, please be on the look out for fun activities to keep you excited about Science Night over the summer! We will be sending activities via email, on Facebook, and much more!

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