4-H Projects

What is a 4-H Project

All 4-H Projects consist of four components:

  1. Learning Experiences of 6 or more sequential learning experiences of 20-60 minutes in length totaling 2 hours or more.
  2. Community Service
  3. Leadership
  4. Exhibition of Project Work.

Combining all these components allows members to reach the projects full potential and get the most out of it to have the greatest experiences possible. Click here to learn more about the four components of the 4-H project


AAAConsumer Education                              Dog Care & Training


AFashion & Interior Design                             Food & Nutrition



AAAAAHorse                                                            Leadership



AAAAALivestock                                      Photography & Video



AAAAPublic Speaking                                       Robotics



AAAAShooting Sports                                  Vet Science


*This is not an all-inclusive list. To find more 4-H projects, click here.

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